The Spanish Studio has an excellent reputation in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French classes and programs, rising high above other language schools in Chicago. Our programs and language classes are specifically tailored to fit the demands of working professionals. From Spanish to PortugueseItalian, and French, We have an excellent resource in foreign language instruction, offered at either our Chicago location (Lakeview/Lincoln Park) or On-Site.  With over 35 years in the industry, The Spanish Studio knows what it takes for our students to succeed. Learn more about our offerings and find out why our programs are the right ones for you.



Meeting your in-laws for the first time is a nerve-racking enough experience when you speak the language, and even more so when you don't.  After about five months of private lessons (on average about two hours a week) in Italian with the Spanish Studio, I was much more comfortable and confident in my preparation to meet my in-laws over seas.  The instructor was patient and supportive with my style of learning and tailored our lessons to what I needed to know to speak intelligently and politely to my mother and father-in-law.  I promised them I would be back again soon with more Italian under my belt to dazzle them with!  I cannot thank my instructor enough for her time and dedication to the language and my learning it.  I would highly recommend anyone work with the Spanish Studio for their language learning needs.

Ryan B


I have been attending classes at The Spanish Studio Language Center for about a year now.  I am a healthcare provider and wanted to learn Spanish in order to connect more effectively with my patients.  I am amazed at how quickly I gained proficiency with the language and how much it has helped me in my work.  I have been taking private classes and classes have been tailored to my needs and the Center has been incredibly accommodating, which I've much appreciated.  (Did I once call from the Emergency Room to say I wasn't coming to class an hour later because I'd just broken my wrist?  Yes, yes I did.  They were super concerned and sweet, got me rescheduled no problem, and were excellent during my healing process as well.  I've done so many OT home exercises during class while speaking Spanish!)

It is a lovely place to learn - after the high pressure of my doctorate program, coming to Spanish class and having coffee with Alex while learning is like a vacation.  It is literally on of the highlights of my week.  And as a bonus, I have been able to use my Spanish to start teaching my toddler Spanish as well!


I took lessons here with Alex and he is an amazing Spanish teacher! I couldn't believe how quickly I was able to start having detailed, complicated conversations in Spanish, and Alex always taught with incredible energy and patience. Learning a language isn't just about memorizing grammar and writing sentences, and Alex was incredibly helpful with that extra step toward being able to engage in lively conversation. Highly recommend!

Eddie D

Great school to learn Spanish!  Alex is super good in helping you learn all the grammar in Spanish.  And besides being a good teacher, the classes were a lot of fun!  Chris is very friendly as well, and can always help you with anything you need.  I took private lessons which gave me flexibility, every week I could choose what date/time I wanted for the class.  And in case something came up, they were flexible in rescheduling.  Definitely recommend it!

Loura V.

I have been utilizing their private classes a bit over a year now.  They are extremely organized in terms of scheduling, and offer fair rates (and a great discount if you order classes in bulk-- which I would recommend).  I have taken advantage of both their in-person and Skype classes.  They are the only language classes out there that has taken advantage of this technology, which really makes life extremely convenient (especially after I moved further away from them).  I genuinely feel as if I know the foundation of the Spanish language, and feel way more confident with my Spanish than I ever did with the computer program I was using.  Chris is extremely kind and friendly, and Alex is knowledgeable and takes his time with you-- at your pace.  This is really the only place you should consider for language learning!

Anabelle D.

I previously was using Duolingo but was very on & off with using the app consistently. I took Spanish years ago in high school, but have forgotten a lot of it. My reason for taking the class is to be able to speak Spanish when I travel & also my boyfriend of a few years is Mexican/Puerto Rican - his entire family is either bi-lingual, with many of them living in Mexico primarily speaking Spanish. I wasn't seeing the progress I wanted when I was learning on my own, and now am excited to go to class every week!! We meet for 2 hours/week, and have a workbook & online resources to help us learn.

I'm taking classes with my friend/co-worker and it's a ton of fun for us to do this outside of the workplace. Alex makes sure to apply the classes to our daily lives & always makes it a point to translate phrases that we can practice & use at work, with our families, etc. (fitness, DIY kombucha lessons, travel...). I highly recommend the Spanish Studio, you can take classes with friends or 1-1! They also have more language offerings that just Spanish 🙂

Ashley M

This place is the BEST!!! If you're looking to learn a language, brush up, or work on getting fluent and want fun and engaging teachers and staff-- look no further! I did private lessons here and can't wait to sign up for more classes. I've learned so much and love their teaching model. Gracias Alex and the Spanish Studio for a wonderful introduction to a new language!

Katie B

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I have taken both private and group classes at the Spanish Language Center for many years. My learning goals are to be able to speak in Spanish when I travel and to improve my vocabulary and grammar a little bit each class. Every class I have has is a wonderful learning experience, perfect for my level and abilities. Alex is a great teacher, who makes learning fun and interesting.


I would recommend the Spanish Studio Language Center to anyone wanting to learn a new language!  I have taken one 8-week course so far, and my instructor, Alex, is an excellent (and patient!) teacher.  I felt welcome from the first day, and very comfortable learning there.  They really care about their students and want them to learn, even if at a slower pace.  If you have a choice between any other language learning center and the Spanish Studio Learning Center, I highly recommend you choose the latter!

Brian H