Special Programs

Specialized Programs

The Spanish Studio, Ltd. provides additional services for your foreign language needs, including but not limited to:

Medical Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Today's medical professionals have an eye out for bilingual or multilingual healthcare workers. With the growing number of Hispanic patients needing care every day, hospital hiring managers are having a hard time finding staff members that can communicate with them. If you're a hospital manager that realizes this growing problem and would like to take action in bettering the situation, why not consider our medical Spanish on-site program? Our curriculum can help your staff learn new skills that they can utilize every day in the workplace. What's more, the program doesn't have to consume a great deal of time. We know you've got work to do, and we're here to help you do it!

The Spanish Studio, Ltd. has provided specialized professional Spanish instruction in the healthcare community for over thirty five years. We are specialized in training doctors, nurses and management personnel for clinics and hospitals. The courses cover Spanish skills for:

  • Conducting an intake interview
  • Asking insurance-related questions
  • Ascertaining general medical needs and problems
  • Arranging and providing pre/post natal care, etc.

All our teachers are native speakers thus, they can provide a better understanding not just of the language but of the cultural aspects of the Latin community as well. Please visit our Spanish page to see schedule. If you have further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spanish Immersion Weekends for: Healthcare, Mental Health & Social Workers

The Spanish Studio offers Immersion weekends for healthcare providers and social workers every other month. This class is for those who already speak a little Spanish and wish to practice conducting interviews and learning vocabulary useful in these areas. The minimum level of Spanish required for this class is advanced beginner. ***(please refer to the Spanish section to view current schedule).



Spanish Studio provides translation services for various types of documents, including but not limited to letters, faxes, e-mails, voice mails, memos, and resumes/cv's.

We can accommodate any size of text and can translate even the most technical of terms. We have dealt with documents and other mediums with content that relates specifically to medical, technical, business, legal and culinary fields. So no matter what kind of translation situation you have on your hands, the seasoned professionals at Spanish Studio can serve you when you're in need of Spanish language translation.

Please contact us for more information & estimates.


Corporations & Organizations

What would normally be considered routine business transactions can become very complicated when they are conducted between individuals and organizations from different cultures. We can customize a training for your employees, comany, busines or organization.

The Spanish Studio has a core curriculum that can be modified according to you specific needs. Classes can be organized at your place of business, to the length or intensity you require. Cross-Cultural Programs will help you create a connection between you and your clients, facilitate working relations, learn values and attitudes of other cultures and it also helps improve interpersonal skills.

We teach our students the fundamentals of the Spanish language, but we also focus on topics relative to your particular area of business. For some language schools, Spanish instructors only go as far as to teach the basic concepts you may face in everyday life. At Spanish Studio, we know that when it comes to learning a new language for business purposes, the words most commonly used in business-related discussions are high on the priority list.

Our customized business program tackles both the language basics in addition to the business terminology that you'll need to know. We specialize in a variety of industries from medical to general business to legal and more, so rest assured that we can accommodate your needs, no matter what field of business you're in. At our school, Spanish language in corporate business is a topic that many of our instructors teach almost daily and have been teaching for years. So rest assured that you'll be learning everything you need to know in order to do your job successfully in one of our Spanish language programs.

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